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Plot Summary: The day after an apparent alien invasion of Tokyo is repelled by a mysterious being, middle schooler Murata Hajime discovers that his small town holds a strange secret when he witnesses transfer student Subaru Muryou fight another student using psychic powers. Since Hajime himself is relatively new to his town, he has been unaware that the leading families have been protecting the earth from alien invasion for centuries by using the ability of “Shingu,” and that the current members of the middle school student council are also the chosen guardians of this generation. He also begins to discover that many of the town’s residents are in fact intergalactic diplomats. Hajime is drawn futher into this open secret as his friendship with Muryou and the “chosen” teenagers — especially tomboy Moriyama Nayuta — deepens and as he begins to discover that he has a role to play in Earth’s future.

Type: TV Anime
Year: - Unknown
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